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Indoor and Outdoor

Indoor and outdoor facilities are available:

At Uttara Crescent Hospital, we provide comprehensive healthcare services, encompassing both indoor and outdoor treatment options to address a wide range of medical needs.

Indoor Treatment:

Indoor treatment refers to the provision of medical care for major ailments, specialized or prolonged treatment for chronic diseases, and physical injuries that require the patient to be admitted for an extended stay in the hospital in presence of relatives. This category includes a diverse range of conditions, and patients are typically admitted for indoor treatment following consultations in the Outpatient Department (OPD) or through emergency department. The admission process is facilitated through a Centralized Admission-cum-Enquiry Counter, streamlining the patient's entry into the hospital for a dedicated course of treatment.

Key Aspects of Indoor Treatment:

  • Specialized care for major ailments

  • Prolonged treatment for chronic diseases

  • Treatment of physical injuries

  • Admission through OPD and Emergency

  • Centralized Admission-cum-Enquiry Counter for streamlined admissions

  • Post operative care following diverse range of surgeries.

Outdoor Treatment:

Outdoor treatment, on the other hand, involves medical care provided to patients who do not require admission to the hospital. In this scenario, patients visit the hospital for consultations or examinations, receive the necessary medical attention, and are then prescribed medications or advised on further steps. Following the consultation or examination, patients return home without being admitted to the hospital. Outdoor treatment is particularly suitable for conditions that can be managed at home.

Key Aspects of Outdoor Treatment:

  • Consultations and examinations

  • No admission to the hospital

  • Prescription and medication

  • Appropriate for conditions that do not require extended hospital stays

At Uttara Crescent Hospital, our commitment to comprehensive healthcare includes providing the right level of care for each patient's specific needs. Whether it's indoor treatment for more intensive care or outdoor treatment for conditions that can be managed on an outpatient basis, we strive to deliver quality healthcare services with a patient-centered approach.